By forensically analyzing their past successes, private equity firms are able to arrive at concrete action plans that put future deals right in the path of success. In the example given in the first part of this article, the private equity firm that did this found that they not only had to formalize their guidelines […]

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While asset management in general has lots of connotations, investment asset management can be defined as the management of various shares and bonds or assets such as real estate in order to make money for the investor. The investor could be one person or thousands represented by an institution such as a bank, pension fund […]

The Funds of funds or FOF ┬áis an investment plan where the private equity firms will make their investment in other private equity funds. They will not be investing in stocks and shares. Instead of investing in bonds and securities, they take more interest in investing in other private equity funds in the United Kingdom. […]

Some people might wish to get short term gains, while others might wish to get long term gains. If you are planning to get long term gains, then the best way to invest will be private equity. The financial buyers who do not like to do private trading can surely enter into the private equity […]

If you wish to become an Asset Manager in the United Kingdom, then this article will be of great help in understanding the basic details about the different types of asset management and the scope of this job. Asset management will include the selection and maintenance of physical assets. It will also involve the renewal […]